GregorJenkinStudio DESIGN BY MONDAY



Gregor Jenkin Studio is interested not in producing design or art, but rather in the physical act of creation and manufacture. Design is a by-product of this age old process: a natural consequence of the studio’s attempt to find the best way of doing something.

The Gregor Jenkin Studio functions as a kind of engineering environment – a systematic workshop that sets out to come up with solutions to certain problems, whether they involve questions of production, space, or practicality. Each piece produced in the studio is a kind of feat in itself; the result of a search for a new way of doing something old. In this way, Gregor Jenkin and his small team strive to

create functional objects that are at once thoughtful, and, by extension, thought-provoking.

The studio is an assembly: three men in a workshop, taking tools to materials to produce a sum of various parts. This return to hands-on creation brings buyer and maker closer together. The studio’s attention to process, mixed with Jenkin’s irreverent reimagining of everyday objects, is the foundation for an authentic set up that produces niche products. Working in a manufacturing partnership with his brother, Rogan Jenkin Fabrication in Johannesburg, the studio creates an array of short-run products that are at once sophisticated, accessible and yet strange.